Psycological treatment

Phychological Evalution ( IQ & DQ ), Psychotherapies, Stress Management and all kinds of counselings.

Harsh Polyclinics provides advanced psychological treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and OCD, personality issues, self-injury, psychological trauma and dual diagnosis. Staffed by licensed psychologists and board-certified physicians, Harsh Polyclinics offers a unique combination of psychotherapeutic and holistic treatments within the context of a private, comfortable and safe environment. We empower our patients to maintain a high quality of life as they go about the work of healing.
A typical week at Harsh Polyclinics includes five individual therapy sessions, group therapies, neurofeedback, mentalization, DBT and holistic activities such as sleep therapy, mindfulness meditation and yoga. Our therapeutic options include staying at the upscale GrandView Residence House, as well as an Immersive Day Treatment Program, a Family Program and a Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Clinic.
Your Loved One Will Be Safe
When an individual develops psychological issues that require treatment, family members often feel helpless and frustrated in their attempts to find the best of care for their loved one. We understand that hospitalization can be overwhelming or even traumatizing. Once per week psychotherapy may be insufficient. Other treatment options may be ineffective or unreliable. At Harsh Polyclinics, our proven treatment programs are designed to meet the personal and psychological needs of each patient.
We take care to thoroughly understand the psychological issues faced by your loved one, establishing a proper diagnosis and optimal medication regimen. Our goal is to minimize medication usage. Over the course of treatment, our patients learn to more effectively manage their lives (sleep, stress, diet, work, family). We teach patients how to minimize conflict, identify their symptoms early on, know when they need more support and utilize friends and family as valuable resources. We take pride in the success of our psychological treatment programs, and the after-care support we put in place.
patients entering our program will experience life-changing, intensive treatment in a secure, safe, comfortable, and caring environment. You can feel confident that we carefully evaluate and select patients to create an optimal healing environment for all. Upon completion of treatment, we arrange thorough discharge planning and after-care.