Deafness-deafness is loss of hearing in any frequency >20 db.
I found this catogery of patient in my opd is > 50%
Conductive hearing loss is caused by anything that interferes with the transmission of sound from the outer to the inner ear. Below are some possible causes of conductive hearing loss.
1. Middle ear infections (otitis media).
2. Collection of fluid in the middle ear (“glue ear” in children).
3. Blockage of the outer ear, most commonly by wax.
4. Otosclerosis.
5. Damage to the ossicles.
Sensorineural hearing loss is due to damage to the pathway that sound impulses take from the hair cells of the inner ear to the auditory nerve and the brain. Below are some possible causes.
1. Age-related hearing loss (presbyacusis).
2. Acoustic trauma (injury caused by loud noise) can damage hair cells.
3. Meningitis can lead to loss of hair cells or other damage to the auditory nerve.
4. Meniere’s disease.
5. Acoustic neuroma. This is a benign tumor affecting the auditory nerve.
1-Avoid bottle feeding in childrens
2-check the family members with the help of tv volume,group talk,voice of family member wheather it is loud/not.
3-check the child hearing by clapping (reflexes of baby )
4-avoid sounds >70 db for a long time.
5-Avoid ototoxic drugs.
6-Avoid vigrous yoga.
7-Avoid exessive use of cell phone & micro wave.
8-Do not put any substance in ear with out consultation with specialist.
9-Avoid trauma to ear in any form.
10-Aoid unnecessary earclenig.
11-Health check up is mandatory every ear or sos to pick up the other diseses which effect hearin Like-DIABETES etc.
Hearing loss and deafness are serious disabilities that can impose a heavy social and economic burden on individuals, families, communities and countries. Children with hearing impairment often experience delayed development of speech, language and cognitive skills, which may result in slow learning and difficulty progressing in school. In adults, hearing impairment and deafness often make it difficult to obtain, perform, and keep employment. Its big challenge to our society is to help and support the deaf people who are unable to afford and are uncapable to take of own health.

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