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Harsh Poly Clinics made history by pushing surgical frontiers and made impossible possible with a successful operation of Brain Tumor through Nose. It was the first-of-its-kind operation in Northern India which started 08:00 A.M. on 30th November, 2014 in operation theatre at Harsh Poly Clinic, and it took 5 hours for successful completion.

There was CME conducted for the other Doctors-LIVE from the Operation Theatre of Harsh Poly Clinics.
A “Press Conference” was organised just after the operation, where Dr. Narayan Jankiram and Dr. B.P. Tyagi(head and neck surgeon in ghaziabad ) shared their experience with the Media .It was combined efforts of Dr. Narayan Jankiram, Skull Base Surgeon and Managing Director of “Royal Pearl Hospital and Research Institute”, Tiruchirappalli and Dr. B.P. Tyagi, ENT, Head & Neck surgeon and Managing Director “Harsh Poly Clinics” Ghaziabad, that led to successful completion of this breakthrough surgery.