Audiometry and Speech Therapy

The department of Audiology and Speech therapy works in tandem with the department of ENT. This is a specialty dealing with disorders in hearing and communication skills.

Audiology clinic

The department offers comprehensive diagnostic services in a sound treated infrastructure by the Audiologists

Some of the diagnostic tests provided are:

Pure tone Audiometry: A subjective test of hearing. The hearing acuity is measured at varying intensities at different frequencies to determine the degree and type of hearing impairment if any.

Impedance Audiometry: An objective test of hearing. It also helps in assessing the middle ear for any pathology and to know the patency of the Eustachian tube. Acoustic reflex testing of the stapedial reflex to loud sounds provides information of the individual’s hearing acuity.

Speech Audiometry: A subjective test to determine the ability to hear and understand speech. It provides valuable information in cases of retro cochlear pathologies.

Brainstem evoked Response Audiometry: An effective objective test of hearing especially in infants and young children. It assesses the neurological activity of the auditory nerve in response to an acoustic signal.

Oto-acoutic Emission testing: It is a test used to detect any gross abnormal pathology up to the level of the outer hair cells of the cochlea. It is used as a hearing screening test for infants.

Hearing Aid Trail: Apart from the diagnostic audio logical services, the department provides appropriate hearing aid trial and dispensation of the same in those cases where an amplification device is seen as the ideal management option. Dispensation of digital hearing aids and custom fit hearing aids are also provided.