Harsh Polyclinics is now Harsh ENT Hospital

Harsh ENT Hospital organized health promotion camps in many schools in and around Ghaziabad city. In these camps youngsters, who are future nation builders, were made aware of their health needs. These children were also provided with the health checkup and medical advice wherever needed.

Harsh ENT Hospital manages entire range of diseases in Ear Nose Throat as well as Head & Neck regions. Dr. B.P. Tyagi is also very well known for ENT and cancer surgeon in Ghaziabad.
It is recognised as a centre of excellence, unique in the breadth of knowledge. We deal with all aspects of ENT from minor procedures such as putting in grommets to major complex head and neck and cancer surgery. We have all kinds of endoscopes dealing in nasal laryngeal as well as skull base pathology. We use the latest operating microscope, sinuscopes and the shaver system for all endonasal procedures along with advanced surgical techniques.

"The skill to heal. The spirit to care. Touching lives."
ENT cancer surgeon in Ghaziabad
Dr. B.P.S. Tyagi, (M.S. (ENT) ,Sr. ENT & Head and Neck Surgeon)

We strive for excellence in quality and safety, and development of state-of-the-art treatments and technologies; the underlying purpose is to help the patients live a happy and healthy life.
We undertake robust research programs to improve our existing levels of strengths and technology.

Best ENT surgeon in Ghaziabad
Limca Book of Records recognised us
Dr Brajpal Singh Tyagi of Ghaziabad, UP completed 55 ear drum operations (endoscopic cartilage tympanoplasty) in 17 hr 23 min from 8.27 am on April 7 to 1.50 am on April 8, 2015 at Harsh Poly Clinics (a unit of ABR Health Care Solutions Pvt Ltd) on World Health Day (April 7, 2015). Read More..

Patient's Testimonials

Mr. Chetan Tyagi (Patient of Brain Tumour)
I had Brain Tumour. I contacted AIMS. They gave me date after 6 months. I was very upset cause of my my financial position. I knew it would be very costly. During this time one of my friends suggested me to consult Dr. B.P. Tyagi. He operated my tumour by nose way. I operated on 30/11/2014 and next day on 1/12/2014 it was published in Newspaper. I am perfectly OK and have good health. He came in my life as God. Undoubtedly he is a best ent surgeon.
Cont. No. 91+9760823971

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“Mr. Harjeet Singh (Patient of Mouth Cancer)”
If I could have power, I may have declared Dr. B.P. Tyagi as Best ENT consultant. The time doctor came in my mind only one face appears, Dr. B.P. Tyagi. He is the best ENT consultant in Ghaziabad. He also has the best ENT hospital in Ghaziabad.
Cont. No. 91+9719015703

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Vineeta Singh
I got my tympanoplasty done at this center,I would rate it the best ENT hospital in ghaziabad. Dr. B.P Tyagi is an extremely efficient and a kind hearted person. The way he is putting in his efforts to provide the best care for the non affordable people also (through organising various camps )is extremely commendable. I am sure you will never be disappointed by his treatment and can completely rely on his skills. He also has his charitable ent clinic in Ghaziabad in Sanjay Nagar. Highly recommended!!

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